Pastor Lydia  A. Frith was born in Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies, and now resides in the state of Connecticut. She gave her heart to the Lord in 1982 and was baptized along with her husband, Bishop Dr. Michael A. Frith, in June 1983 at the Church of God of Prophecy in New Rochelle, N.Y.  


Pastor Lydia A. Frith is an ordained minister of the gospel in the Church of God. She earned an Associate in Biblical Studies from F.O.C. Theological Seminary and her B.A. degree in Theology, and Master in religious education (M.R.E.) from International Theological Seminary. She received a conferred Doctor of Divinity (D.D.) from Canon University. She is the Vice President of the Family of Christ Theological Seminary.


She cares deeply about women and, as the head of the Women’s Department, seeks  ways in which to help them to accomplish God’s purpose and live out their full potential to the glory of God. She takes oversight over the auxiliaries of the church allocating and supervising the function of the nuclear church.

Through her industrious and exemplary life, Pastor Lydia A. Frith is truly a fine example of a virtuous and Godly woman. She is a compassionate, humble woman of God, who is determined to serve God with integrity and steadfastness.


She has been married over 40 years to the Hon. Bishop Dr. Michael A. Frith, the Presiding Prelate of the Family of Christ Kingdom  International Ministries, Inc., headquarters in the Bronx; where she serves as Associate Pastor. She is the mother of two beautiful daughters, Iria and Christina; and three wonderful sons: Andre, Sean and Michael, Jr. 


Pastor Lydia Frith is saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit. She is passionate about believers fulfilling God’s call on their lives and seeks every opportunity to encourage the people of God to live with distinction. She loves the Lord Jesus with her whole heart and above all her accomplishments; she considers supporting her husband in the ministry and raising godly children her primary purpose.