The Family of Christ Theological Seminary is a fully-accredited Bible College.  From our inception in 1990 as The Family of Christ School of Ministry, we have been a Bible-centered school - totally committed to giving Christians the opportunity to prepare themselves to function in their callings.


At Family of Christ Theological Seminary, we train students to effectively, consistently, systematically and diligently study the Word of God.  To accomplish this, students must be:


  1. committed to the Lord Jesus Christ, and be willing to accept the Word of God as inerrant, inspired and infallible;

  2. committed to sharing the Word of God with others for the extension and building up of the Kingdom of God;

  3. willing to work toward academic excellence in order to enable them for the Lord’s work.


The college has structured a biblically sound curriculum that prepares students for the challenges before them.  The courses offered at Family of Christ Theological Seminary are based on regular theological textbooks. These provide in-depth and meaningful study of the Bible. They offer theologically related subjects that will develop the mind to think biblically, logically and independently, with balance.


Our alumni have displayed true scholarship and proficiency in the things of God; such attitudes of excellence have truly blessed our souls.  Although one can never say “I have arrived”, nevertheless, the effectiveness of any ministry is enhanced through a thorough preparation and acquaintance with ministry dynamics.  Family of Christ Theological Seminary takes pleasure in equipping believers for the challenges which are inevitable in effective Christian service.  Each lesson we teach supplies the essential principles which empower participants to successfully fulfill their purposes in Christ.


There is a Macedonian call that echoes throughout the body of Christ, which demands a response from the believer who has studied to show himself/herself approved unto God.  We must move forward, advancing God’s Kingdom and purposes in this “new age”. We are anticipating greater blessings in times to come. If you were not a part of the last Bible College year, let me encourage you to register now!


My prayer is that through this Bible College many will hear and respond to the call of God upon their lives; thus, moving them to another level, and full-time service for the King.  May the Lord richly bless you.


In Christ’s love and service,


Dr.  Michael A.  Frith, Th.D., D.D., Ph.D.