The Family of Christ Kingdom International Ministries is a Non-Denominational Christ-centered ministry, which endeavors to provide spiritual development and personal growth through the promotion of a “personal relationship” with God, to all.  Our mission is to empower the body of Christ for Kingdom building and ministry objectives. We are a full-gospel ministry and Empowerment center committed to Christian Education - operating in the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit. We prohibit discrimination based on race, color, national or ethnic origin, or disability. 


Family of Christ Theological Seminary is committed to assisting the local church by educating Christian workers through the practical teachings of the Word of God, Theological studies and academic achievement.  Our program is designed for discipleship training, to increase wisdom and knowledge while transforming character into Christ-likeness.


We are committed to:


  • providing an empowerment center that focuses on the equipping of believers with a deeper knowledge of profound truths, through the study of God’s word.


  • providing opportunities whereby individuals can develop their skills, gifts and talents; and attain their maximum potential through religious education and special studies.


  • training Ministers, Evangelists, Missionaries, Teachers, and all who will make themselves available to the Master’s service.


  • providing grants and scholarships in Christian Education for young people who sense a call to ministry.


  • upholding through sound teaching and high moral standards: the structure of the Family as a unit; which is a vitally integral core of the society.


  • providing stability, growth, and developmental training for young and old alike, thus: giving an alternative for purposeful living, and to enhance the quality of life in general.


The Seminary aims to:

  • enable the believer to become aware of the Theological teaching of the Bible; with the understanding, attitudes, and skills necessary for thinking theologically, and living Godly.

  • develop and implement teaching/learning methods of education in the Christian faith; and for Christian missions.


  • cultivate skills of communicating the Scriptures expositionally through preaching and teaching.


  • cultivate skills in leadership, counseling, church education, and administration.


  • produce proficient, Bible scholars, who, through the help of the Holy Spirit, will bring fresh insights from the Word of God.