Vision Statement

The Family of Christ Kingdom International Ministries is a non-denominational Christ-centered ministry which provides spiritual development and personal growth through the promotion of a personal relationship with God, to all. We prohibit discrimination based on race, color, gender, national or ethnic origin, or disability. We are a full-gospel ministry committed to Christian development and Kingdom-building, operating in the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit.


Mission Statements

Our aim is to touch the lives of those we encounter, whereby making a positive impact upon them, by the grace of God by…


1)     … committing to build up the total man - body, soul and spirit with the help of the Holy Spirit.


2)     … promoting the deepening of the holy spiritual life among our members teaching, preaching and educational empowerment, so that all members shall attain the highest state of Christian experience in this life as true worshipers of God.


3)     … reaching out to the oppressed, downtrodden, rejected, underprivileged, depressed, lonely, imprisoned, hospitalized, institutionalized, sick and shut-in, imparting to them life, hope, healing, and comfort.


4)     … providing deliverance from demonic oppression and enslavement, by availing ourselves to the oppressed, the cursed, and the bewildered


5)     … providing guidance for youth through creative expression, artistic development, remedial education, leadership development, and mentorship through personal involvement.


6)     … providing opportunities whereby individuals can develop their skills, gifts, and talents, and attain their maximum potential to Christian education and special studies.

7)     … providing opportunities for those who have a desire to pursue God’s calling on their lives, by providing affordable Christian education.

8)     … availing our resources to meet the holistic needs of those who are brought into our ministry; such provisions include counseling, career development, and networking.

9)     … upholding through sound teaching and high moral standards, the structure of the family as a unit, which is a vitally integral core of the society


10)… providing alternatives for purposeful living and enhancing the quality-of-life in general.

11) … administering the love of God through encouragement, by the word of God, prayer, and deliverance in Jesus’ name.


12) … presenting the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ to as many as possible, with compassion and empathy.

13) … ministering the gospel of Christ to hurting and needy people at all levels of the society, without prejudice, partiality, or favor.


14)… empowering believers by equipping them through a deeper knowledge of profound truths.

15)… cultivating and encouraging the need to maintain a Christ-centered multicultural ministry that provides growth and stability to the whole man.

16)… training Ministers, Evangelists, Missionaries, Teachers, and all who will make themselves available to the Master's service by providing scholarships in Christian education for young people, who sense a call to ministry.


17)… establishing a fully-accredited Bible College, Elementary school, and Day Care, whereby we might be able to equip the cross-section of growing humanity.

18)… providing stability, growth, development, and fundamental training for the young and old alike, thus giving an alternative for purposeful living and to enhance the development of excellent, and productive, law-abiding citizen.

19)… establishing outreach centers and mission stations around the world, national and international  vibrant churches, nursing homes/hospital ministries, shelters, halfway homes, safe houses, and guidance centers for abused teens. Family of Christ Kingdom International Ministries is focused on developing higher skilled people in areas such as computer and clerical skills, administrative, and governmental skills.


Know – We must truly know God. To know God more perfectly, even as we are known. Seeking to become a Master Student to Christian empowerment, and getting to know Him more intimately through the power of praise and Worship from a heart that has been renewed.


Show – Jesus Christ must be seen in us. Demonstrating the life of Christ through loving, caring and sharing the Good News with others, living at peace with the household of faith as the light and salt of this world.


Grow – As we come to know God, growth must be seen. Growing in the grace of God and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, while becoming contagious with the love of God, and our knowledge of his holy word, endeavoring to allow Christ to be formed in us to the glory of God.


Go – Go beyond! Reaching across social, ethnic, cultural, economical, and denominational lines and walls to reconcile fallen man back to right relations with God.